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Hormones; castor oil

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  • Hormones; castor oil

    My endocrinologist has recommended finely crushing 30 estradiol tablets (2 mg. each) and mixing them with 12 oz. shampoo, to be used daily. After a few months you will notice a difference in the health of your hair. You will need a prescription.

    On another note, I have used testosterone cream for a year, and now have the pellet testosterone ONLY implant, and neither has made a difference with my PRK-related dry eyes. I did grow more facial hair! So I would not recommend using testosterone for dry eyes, but it is beneficial for other health reasons.

    I have used pharmaceutical-grade progesterone cream for 15 years, with good health results, but it did not help my dry eyes.

    Vivelle-Dot bioidentical estrogen helped balance my hormones (59 years old), but did not help with dry eyes.

    I have also been taking Amour Thyroid for over a year and that has not made a difference with my dry eyes.

    All of these hormones and thyroid have improved my health -- don't get me wrong about their benefit -- but none have helped with my dry eyes.

    So far, only my night goggles and oasis drops help me cope. I still develop Iritis off and on since having PRK last year. I hate using the steroid drops, but I have to in order to control the bouts with Iritis.

    After reading some of the threads, I will buy castor oil today and try that at night to keep my eyelids from sticking to my eyeballs. I have lots of moisture around my eyes with the goggles, but the eyelids still stick! Anyone else have this problem?

    I'll report back if I find that works better than relying on balanced hormones or low-sugar diets. Drinking more water and having less caffeine seems to help, but doesn't solve the problem.

    I have been taking many good oils: fish oil, krill oil, borage oil, olive oil, walnut oil, black current oil and evening primrose oil. They have not made a difference, but my skin is glowing.

    If you want beautiful hair, skin and nails, massage 100% cold-pressed evening primrose oil to those areas. You will be amazed. You can find the liquid EPO at Whole Foods. Otherwise, you can poke a hole in the EPO gelcap and use that.

    Hope this helps.

    Bioidentical hormone replacement in any and all forms did not make a difference with my dry eyes. If you take testosterone in any form, be sure to monitor your levels. They can rise dramatically in little time and you will not feel well, and those around you will not feel comfortable!

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    An update on castor oil

    I have used a Castor Oil drop in each eye before popping on my night goggles. It feels wonderful, smooth and soothing. My eyelids don't stick to my eyeballs overnight. It's been 4 nights now, and I actually look forward to having CO in my arsenal to alleviate eye pain.

    I can also use a drop in each eye during the day to refresh and soothe. The Castor Oil does not irritate nor cause blurriness. I can't believe something so simple and economical works so well. It may not work well with mascara, unless you make sure ample time has elapsed before applying makeup.

    I bought the 100% pure brand at Whole Foods. No fragrance, chemicals, additives.

    I am also using CO for my arthritis. Castiva cream has Castor Oil as its base, and it's expensive at the drug store. I'm experimenting using CO on my hip bursitis, along with icing.

    Hope some of you will try CO drops in your eyes. I did research online prior to use. I wonder what other uses it may have for good health? Oh, yeah, I know what you're thinking. I'm talking about aches, pains, joint function, etc.


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      Thanks much for sharing your experiences... Just FYI I moved these posts from this this thread just so as not to detract from the purpose of that thread (and more people will see your posts here anyway).
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Foundation