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Are all hormonal contraceptives associated with dry eyes?

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  • Súil Eile
    Hi Kate,

    Eyes are very susceptible to hormonal changes so pretty much any hormonal contraceptives are likely to have an impact on your eyes. Have you tried a tri-phasic pill such as Qlaira? It's designed to more closely mimic the natural hormones in your body more so than other pills so it might have less of an impact. I changed pill recently and noticed my eyes getting worse straight away. I'm going to get a script for Qlaira next month and cross my fingers it won't dry my eyes as much.

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  • Are all hormonal contraceptives associated with dry eyes?

    I've recently stopped taking the combined pill as my optician said it was aggravating my dry eyes, and amazingly, for the last month my eyes have felt great. I didnt, and am trying to find out if the injection or the implant will have the same effect. Ie can I go on this form of contraception without it making my eyes worse. Even without wearing my contact lenses my eyes are very uncomfortable on the pill. My doctor and optician don't seem to know much about it. Please Help! Or tell me of your expereinces!