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One eyelid lower than other

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  • One eyelid lower than other

    Over the last few months i've been having trouble with one eye more than the other, it is giving more discharge than the other one, getting a lot of rednesss/ veins on the conjunctiva especially in the mornings and night it looks irritated/ infected.. and that particular eyelid has become droopy, also having nerve pain in that eye, also getting a lot of discharge in the corner of the eye, basically have to wipe it out every hour, which is unusual. I've tried going to the eye specialists obviously, they say they can't see any infection or anything, although they never did any tests for that. and now the left side of the eyeball is basically permanently red. I'm thinking of getting eyelid surgery to fix the eyelid from being droopy, but would this potentially make things worse/ have side effects?

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    Hi there,

    I had this done - the good news = no bad side effects, the bad news = no good side effects, either, - plus the actual cutting of the wedge of skin from the lid was very painful on the day of the op. I would have cried from the pain if I had any tears!
    The specialist's logic was that the droopyness meant I was losing a lot of moisture and the tightening would retain whatever moisture there was but sadly 2 years later I have had no improvement. My own theory was the lid was only droppy because I kept tugging at it (1 eye has always been worse than the other) and I am not producing any (natural) moisture in that eye so it didnt matter if lid was tight or not. Sorry to not be able to give a more positive spin on the procedure - who knows, everyone is different and it may just be what you need? Perhaps tighter lid will mean less avenues for bacteria?


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      I am having the same trouble. You need to see an oculoplastic surgeon. I had this surgery done on my left eye and it reduced inflammation and opened it up A LOT, but my right eye is my worse eye and does droop a lot more and is always red and inflamed, it's because it's more dry. You need to have him do a membrane graft to attach to the inside of your eye lids. This procedure will help SO much by reducing inflammation and help restore more even distribution of tears. Very easy surgery, it's outpatient and recovery time is very fast, but you have to have general anesthesia.