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Muro 128 ointment, good or bad for, dry eyes and map-dot-fingerprint?

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  • Muro 128 ointment, good or bad for, dry eyes and map-dot-fingerprint?

    Hi - What are people's experience with muro 128 ointment at night, and dry eyes? I developed a very sensitive and painful eye, after a recent corneal erosion, that is now totally healed up. I'm now working with a cornea expert, to find the cause of the pain. In my first visit, I was told that I have significant dry eyes, and that I should stop the muro 128 ointment at night, because it is bad for dry eyes. I've been using it for decades, having been diagnosed with map-dot-fingerprint. I was switched to a gel, but after a few good days on it, I developed more erosions. I am now trying plain ointment, but the erosion is not healing up very quickly, so I'm going back to muro 128. I realize that there are studies that claim that muro 128 is no better than using plain ointment for erosions, but I would like to know people's own experience here. I do wake up with red eyes when using muro 128, but that would soon disappear, and I never had any pain associated with the red eyes. Thanks for any responses. - Mark

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    Hi Mark,

    Based on past posts and threads, i would say that the consensus is that Muro 128 ointment and solution help people with RCEs and EBMD/mat dot.

    Our resident expert is Liz56, but if you search DEZ, you'll find lots of info... for example this post in a thread on RCEs:

    Having said that, it is important to listen to your doctor. Good luck.


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      Thanks for the info. I've searched the web, and there appears to be a lot of people with dry eyes, that have found Muro 128 to be very useful. So unless the doctor has a better idea of how to stop the erosions, I'll stick with the Muro 128. - Mark


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        HI Mark
        I use the muro128 at least every night. Regular eye drops just dry up during the night and i wake up suddenly in extreme pain (like walking through a desert in a sandstorm with eyes open). I have 2 doctors treating my severe dry eye syndrome and cornea problems and they don't agree on everything! The only thing they do agree on is to keep using the muro 128. I also use it when i go out for a walk as it covers the eye better than a regular eye-drop does. My eye is extremely sensitive to light. You'll always find pros and cons to treatments but only you will know what works for you.


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          Thanks for the response! And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person who often needs to actually use the ointment during the day, although it was never actually recommended by any of my doctors. I always thought that I had overly sensitive eyes if I needed that. - Mark