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Just went and saw an oculoplastic surgeon.....

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  • Just went and saw an oculoplastic surgeon.....

    I had SJS back in 2003, and have always had problems with my eyes but recently my left top eye lid has become inverted and my eye lashes point inward scratching my eye real bad, so he suggested we do a membrane graft to my upper and lower eye lids on my left eye. Has anyone had this surgery? How did it help? Did it change your appearence of your eye lids at all? Recovery time? Let me know, thanks!!

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    mucus membrane graft

    I had it done to each of my eyes 1.5 years ago. Since the surgery, the micro-trama caused by the eye lids have ceased, and as a result I no longer experience the recurring corneal ulcers. The surgery has relatively short recovery time (able to see the following day - full recovery within 4 weeks) and minor pain. It did result in altered appearance. One can see the attached membrane, and because of the darker color of the transplanted membrane (usually the oral mucosal tissue), the rim of your eye lids look inflamed. For me, I had no alternative to the surgery. I would do it again to prevent the further damage to my cornea. I learned that there are more surgeons trained in this surgical method than I had believed. I traveled from NJ to FL for the surgery. Best of luck.


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      My eye looks a bit thick but not weirdly so.

      Had this done to one eye and thought it was beneficial. I did realize afterwards that I was letting my lids get dry. I need to smear a dab of ointment on the lids at night to help prevent them from drying as well as my eye.

      I'm a bit paranoid of letting the surgeons do surgery every time they think it's necessary. I fear that the cumulative effect of multiple surgeries could end up causing their own lid malformation. Not that SJ and dry eye haven't already wrecked my lids... If I'm not having major problems/discomfort from the lid then I'll put off the recommendations until I see a significant benefit versus risk ratio.