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diplopia aphakia and squint

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  • diplopia aphakia and squint

    Hello all,
    I have sjs past 22years now im 30.

    My right eye is aphakik(no iol implanted due to repture in posterior capsule).
    Recently operated for left eye cataract, luckily i was fitted an iol in that eye.iol measure is -7.Still i need -3 glasses to see maximum.

    My BCVA is 20/50 in left eye and aphakik eye has finger counting vision(due to badly scratched cornea).

    Now the problem i have got after the cataract surgery in my lefy eye is i have become squintted and have developed a moderate BINOCULAR DIPLOIPA.

    Upon consultation with doctors, they opined that diplopia is result is difference between power of both eyes as 1 eye is aphakik.Also i have muscle related strabismus problem as well.
    I tried prisms upto 8lvls.They didnt help even 30%.I was still seeing double.

    Doc said its not advisable to do a squint surgery in aphakik eye due to bad cornea(also operated 2 times for cataract insertation and removal)
    Also they said its not advisable to go for scleral fixation oil implant as bad cornea wont help much with vision and also its should be avoided as much as possible.

    Now im really feeling sick with this diplopia which is giving me 2 visuals and also abnormal eye looks(as my both eyes sees at difference directions)

    Anyone has same problem?Help!
    Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!