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A lot of improvement in eyes over past year.

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  • A lot of improvement in eyes over past year.

    Hi everyone. I have been suffering from dry eyes since I was 16. I am now 24 and have had a lot of improvements over the past year. My dry eye is still a problem but Itís better than itís ever been.

    SUPPLEMENTS I USE = NAC 500 mg 2 X per day (take directly after largest meals or it irritates my stomach), Hylauronic acid 100 mg 1 X per day with food, 2 Tablespoons chia seeds every day, 1 multivitamin every other day. HOME PRODUCTS=I Purchased a shower head filter from Amazon called Aqua Bliss. I buy generic filter cartridges and replace every 6 to 8 months. I HIGHLY recommend this, it strongly reduces chlorine and contaminants. My eyes are not red anymore when I leave the shower or wash my face and I notice how bad my eyes get when I shower away from home., Satin Pillowcase or cases (helps reduce eye irritation Incase my eye lids rest against the pillow, I try my best to sleep on my back) I avoid laundry detergents that are heavily scented on the pillow cases as well. I make sure to be on top of changing the air filters in our home regularly and stay away from candles, air fresheners, and protect my eyes when cutting onions, spraying perfumes, etc. TIPS= I wear sunglasses that do not let any light from any angle, I push them against my eyebrows always. I bought these UVA tester cards from amazon to test my sunglasses protection I am still unable to wear many eye makeup products, even foundations and powders as the fumes/run off irritates my eyes but I always make my eyes water after applying makeup and use a q tip to catch the dirty tears gathering in my eye duct. I make my eyes water every morning and night, and wipe away any crust with a clean wet q tip with filtered water. I also drink ALOT of water. Your water intake should be half of your weight in lbs but replace lbs with oz (for example 180 pounds of body weight= 90 oz water daily) I find that this REALLY helps me.
    Hope is what I crave!

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    Thank you for sharing. Nice/smart approach.