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Bad Night :(

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  • Bad Night :(

    I dont know whats going on, and wish I could get an Idea as to what it is that brings this on, my eyes were doing so great, dropping constantly, but no pain or swelling for some time, my eyes have been extra irritated lately, and last night at work I could not get enough drops in my eyes, when I got home it got worse, tried to check them because it really felt like something was in there again, just made things worse, needless to say I had a horrid time again, finially knocked off after so much pain. gooped my eyes up with gel. and now this morning woke with supper puffy lids, and still so dry, do you think the dry cold weather could play a part?? I just figured because I dont have any of my own tears what difference would it make, but I do notice my hands are really chapped too. This is really effecting my quality of life, and not sure what to do at this point to get me past it. I wonder to if drinking more might help, I already do extra fish and flax and primrose oils. gee whiz guys this is exhausting.

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    Yes Mawsky. Everything is dried out. Hands, fingers, ears, ankles, eyelids,anything that isn't covered up. I do think it is the weather. My thumbs crack open every year when it gets cold. Before bed, I cover them with Neosporin and band aids. It helps. It is hard keeping the moisture in. When it warms up, no more problems. Sorry, and hope you feel better soon!