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numbing drops/ pain relieve drops

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  • numbing drops/ pain relieve drops


    I understand numbing drops are harmful for the eyes, but it seems to the only thing that relieve pain for me. Every time at the doctors office when doctors put in some numbing drops for me, I feel better immediately, and it usually last for about half an hour.

    Sorry if this has already been discussed before. But I am just wondering, would it be terribly bad to use these drops on occasions? i mean only in days when you just really need to not focus on the eyes. like in job interviews, birthday parties etc.
    I'm only 23 and this condition has ruined my work and social life. For about a year, I rarely go out with friends, work has become torture and I pretty much spend all my day offs at home trying to rest my eyes.
    I just want to feel normal again, even just temporarily.


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    Celilia, I was right there with you when I was 23 too. I'm 25 now and doing a lot better these days, but I've had very severe dry eyes since I was 20. It ruined my social life, it ruined my working life, and it ruined my physical fitness for years. It's only now that I'm starting to get back on my feet working again, going out on a regular basis, and jogging a few times a week.

    In any event, the thing that has made the difference for me is an eye drop called Muro-128. If you've never tried it before, I recommend you do so. It only took about a week before I noticed significant improvement. It stings when it goes in, so don't exceed putting 1 drop in at a time per eye, but the benefits it brings (at least for me) are worth the drop's weight in gold.


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      hi tankie, glad to know life is getting back to normal for you
      Thanks for sharing. I really needed to know this horrible thing will eventually go away.
      I havent tried Muro-128. but i know it works for some people on here. I have become quite skeptical about eye drops, since most of them makes my eyes worst. From what I read on their website Muro128 seem to be the thick protective kind of gel/ointment (like genteal, freshkote, dwell? ) am I right? Nonetheless, i will search for it at the pharmacy and give it a try, my eyes cant get much worst anyway!
      Anyone have experiences using numbing drops on regular basis??


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        Originally posted by Cecilia View Post
        Anyone have experiences using numbing drops on regular basis??
        The only way you'll get your hands on numbing drops is if you steal them from your doctor when he/she is not looking (my ophthalmologist said someone did that to her).

        I've never heard of a doctor writing an Rx for numbing drops. It would be very suspect if he/she did. My doctor said these drops are VERY serious. If your ocular surface is numb and you rub your eyes, you can cause tears, rips, and scratches and not know. My ophthalmologist told me that this is the reason why they always advise you to NOT touch your eyes or around your eyes after they've instilled these drops.

        Beside the possibility of severe problems if you scratch your eyes when they're numb, the effects last for only 15-20 minutes. Not worth it at all.

        As for Muro... there is an ointment and a drop. I use both - but the ointment I only use at night because of vision blurriness.


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          For some completely unknown reason, I find the drop to be 10x more effective than the ointment. The only up side to the ointment is it doesn't sting. But I find only the drop gives me the relief.


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            I can't remember exactly what the reason that the eye Drs gave me for not being able to use the numbing drops besides the risk of causing damage to the eyes, but there is another much worse side effect, I remember being really surprised at it tho. Hope someone chimes in here that knows, cause it's bugging me now! Hope your eyes begin to feel better soon. One major thing that has helped me, is I now wear contacts that cover the corneas and make them feel so much better! I was putting drops in every five to ten minutes, now hours at times. Please ask if you can try a bandaid contact. Good luck.


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              Numbing Drops

              I don't get on here very often because my eyes are so dry, it hurts to spend time on the computer. Did see your question about numbing drops. I wanted to use them when I got married so I asked my eye dr. if he would give me some just for that day. He would not as he said they are very harmful to your eyes. I'm not sure but I think he said they can cause blindness. You might want to check this out as I'm not quite sure about this. It's been a while since I was in his office. Maybe you could google it.


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                I also love the numbing drops and I asked my doctor if I could have some to use more often. He said "no". That they are very bad and will eat through the cornea and then I would need a cornea replacement.