I think I got some kind of infection, left eye became red evenly all over, and most noticeable was a very painful aching where I imagine my lacrimal gland is located, eyes also became more dry than usual, anyone had something similar here?

It's mostly subsided now, whole thing lasted around 10 days, still have some less intense pain, especially when I use my eye too much.

believe it might have been caused by bad storage of drops, using restasis for too long or my serum drops, I should have gone to the doctors immediately.

Has anyone had something like this with aching near or in lacrimal gland? What is it, a bacterial infection? I'm a bit worried it will not go away, still painful enough ache that I'd like to rip my eye out sometimes. Or maybe the eye will be more dry after this infection, seems like it is now, I hope it gets better.