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Pain in the eye balls and corner of the eyes & eyelids

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  • Pain in the eye balls and corner of the eyes & eyelids

    Hello,i,m Lili and i have Sogren disease abd severe dry eyes ( Shirmer 2-3 both eyes) .,i think i have posterior blepharitis too... i wanted to know if some of you confronted great pains in your eyes balls ( i,m not talking about the usual burning and stinging and foreigh body sensation ) and also pains in the posterior region of your eye lips( exactly where the lacrimal glands are) ...and if you did,bow did you managed with that? For me it,s a permanent fight with my dry eyes condition,in the morning i hardly open my eyes and the debris acumulated are so thick and dried that are harming my skin...i try to wash them gently,usually with sterile isotonic saline solution sometimes with baby shampoo,,but even like that my eyes sting..,and then rhe pain begins...i used to be better when i first started: ] aurolougous serum drops,2 months afo,but nit any for the artificial tears,ointments or gels,they all feel like glue in my eyes and i feel rhey are drying rhem even more...i tried Restasis twice ,but it gave me grewt pains and iritation in my eyes and nose it normal? have anyone of you had side effects from Restasis? And have you ever confronted with such a great photophobia too? you are the only ones i can ask those questions,because the eye doctors don,t have an answer for me...besides,in my country( i live in Romania ) we don,t have cornea specialists or dry eye specialists...
    I also have one question for you: have you felt the artificial tears or eye drops of any kind damage your nasal mucosa? because i am confronting this problem too and i must say it,s as bad as the dry eye ,because i have pains now and soreness inside my nose too,not only in my eyes and constant iritation and breathing troubles because of that...pressure & pains in the sinuses,s like i am allergic to artificial tears ,even if the eye doctor said he cannot see the signs of allergy in my eyes.....maybe i am allergic to my own tears?( my reflex tears,i mean,they sting like hell when i,m yawning or try to cry...) in thise moments the pain in the eyes balls increases too,i feel like the lacrimal glands make an effort...don,t know how to explain better...
    i,m sorry for the eventual mistakes ,but i also cannot see well,i have blureed vision all the time now....i really don,t know what to do more...or how to manage my life,because i can,t work anymore ( had to retire) and even inside the house it,s hard to do whatever...going outside became a challenge,especially in windy or sunny weather and i,d like to know how you are able to deal with your everyday,s life...i learned a lot from your posts here,i think this forum is a great help for people like us...and most of all i,d like to know how do you get rid of pains...thank you all.
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    Dear Lili,

    although I cant really help u alot I want you to know that you are not alone with this. I lost my job and nearly managed to destroy my whole family because nobody could understand. The first few months I had a very strong wish to kill myself and only wantd to sleep for ever and never wake up. But its no option to give up on everything. Long time I refused to look for psychological help and I still think its not the right thing for me still because Im afraid that again noone will understand but I think its worth trying at least.

    Also look if there is really no option for you to work that perhaps doesnt affect your eyes so much. Work is important for self esteem I found out. I understand you so well Lili. Especially at the morning its unbelivable painful to just open the eyes. I have chronic follicular conjunctivitis too so it even hurts like hell if I close my eyes. Also artificial tears feeling like glue and dry out more in my case. The only thing I can say s that you should not give up. I know it sounds not very nice in our situation but there is allways hope and we should be thankful evey day that we still can see and can walk, hear, speak or whatever. We have to try to see the good . I hope I could help you a tiny bit to at least feel a tiny little bit better.