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need help in choosing the right contact lens!

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  • need help in choosing the right contact lens!

    Hi I'm From Maldives, I want to place an online order from bccontact lens, just want to know if anyone else here is a customer of this place, please respond to me as soon as possible, want to know whether they are good or not.
    also please advise me on anyother pages which can ship to maldives
    Im awaiting response from you all

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    Hi Ahmediyad. Do you have moderate or severe dry eyes? If so, you might want to consider scleral lenses instead of regular contacts which can further irritate dry eyes. Sclerals have been used with increasing success to treat dry eyes. There are many brands, but here's a good description of sclerals in general on the Boston PROSE scleral lens website:

    Sclerals would need to be fitted by a scleral specialist, and cannot be ordered online. Also, not everyone can tolerate sclerals, but if you can, it can really help with the dryness.