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Anyone Moved Countries?

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  • Anyone Moved Countries?

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone has actually moved to a new country / continent because of their dry eye problems? I live in London, and I'm (relatively speaking) lucky enough that my eyes don't tend to bother me too much indoors now. But the cold and wind still play havok with them, to the point that I dread going outside and am reluctant to socialise outside of the house a lot of the time. I have a place to do a Masters this year, but am strongly considering the idea of using the money to go back to Latin America (spent 6 months there in 2008) instead, so start a new life out there. I just find (or at least found) that my eyes feel so much better in the heat, humidity, and seeming lack of wind out there.

    Just wondering if anyone else has felt forced to make a massive change to their life like this and, if so, how did it go?

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    Hi Elltrev

    It's certainly something I have thought about! My eyes determine where we go for holidays so much of the world must remain unexplored.

    If you return to Latin America, perhaps try a different time of year to see if the climate still suits you?

    I'm unsure what to say about doing a Masters qualification!!


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      Elltrev. Para qual país (e qual cidade) você pensa em se mudar?

      Eu não sinto muita diferença com o calor. É bom pra mim quando não venta muito...

      Como vivo no Brasil, fiquei curioso pra saber qual lugar você tem em mente.


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        Hi Andre. I think I understand what you're saying with a bit of help from an online translator! I speak some Spanish but no Portuguese..

        I don't have a specific country in mind, but my current plan would be to fly to somewhere in Central America and then see where things take me! (I have about $12,000 US saved up).

        The thing that affects my eyes the most is definitely wind, and perhaps they only feel a little bit better in the hot rather than cold. I just remember them feeling much better when I was in Central America than they do here in London.

        What's the weather like where you live in Brazil? Do your eyes feel better inside than outside?


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          Wow, I usually post in English (with the help of a translator, hehehe) pasted the text in Portuguese.

          So, I live further south. Campinas, São Paulo. I believe that here in Brazil, since you want to heat and little wind, it would be nice to live in Bahia, Fortaleza or something close.
          As the moisture. My town is normal, going through moments of dry weather a few times a year.

          Some friends of mine who traveled to the Amazon (rainforest) said there is unbearable because of the humidity and heat. It's what you're looking for, heehhe

          As for my eyes. I walk all day with goggles. If you stay more than two or three hours outdoors without sunglasses, then comes pain.

          These are the glasses that I use.

          But I still want to buy a 7eye. = D