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Thumbs up for humidifier

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  • Thumbs up for humidifier

    I've had a rough week since the cold weather rolled in here in WI. I see the Dr tomorrow to get my eye cauterized for like the 4th time. The longest that's lasted has been 3 weeks so I'm not hopeful. I spend two days researching states with higher humidity as places I might want to move to. I contacted some recommended docs in other states, but so far haven't gotten any promising leads back yet (I'm really looking for someone willing to do sutures with cautery, or sutures with removal of the epithelium of the punctum, and then also maybe able to do sclera lenses or other ideas)

    But I have to give a big thumbs up to our new humidifier. We have hydronic heat, so we've always had to have portable fill-by-hand humidifiers that are very unreliable and alot of work. We decided to try an autofill one from here - - and so far I'm really happy with it. I was really nervous about putting a humidifier that autofills inside the house, but having a steady humidity level is SO nice. I woke up as usual with my tranquileyes next to my head instead of on it, but my eye was not nearly as uncomfortable as it has been this week before the humidifier. I'm thinking of buying another for the other end of the house.

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    I'm disappointed to find that habitat monitor no longer sells auto-fill devices. If I want to add one to another room, I'll have to hack together a homemade version (which is basically what they offered - a regular humidifier with a float valve installed on it).