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Noir Medical Sunglasses for Light Sensitivity (Photophobia)

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  • Noir Medical Sunglasses for Light Sensitivity (Photophobia)

    Just wanted to share something I found.... I have extreme light sensitivity and have basically had to stay indoors for the past year, anytime the sun is out. I tried many brands of sunglasses but none of them were strong enough. I found a company called Noir Medical. They make "medical" sunglasses. These are the first pair of sunglasses I've found that are strong enough to let me leave the house when the sun is out. They have many different tints and many different strengths, as far as how much light they let in. It's all on their website. For me, I found that the 2% amber sunglasses work the best. It's my understanding that amber filters out the blue light waves, which are the ones that hurt me the most. The 2% means they only let in 2% light. Sounds extreme but I can see just fine on a bright sunny day. But they come in different strengths. I also got the fitover frames, so I just fit them over my regular glasses. The website is

    I hope this helps someone. It's really helped me a lot. I can leave the house during the day. I can drive again even.

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    Thanks for this info, as i am light sensitive as well..

    I have a pair of bull dog sunnies with progressive lenses that are polarised and a rap around fit, but i'm finding it more difficult to even see tv as it's too bright, even wearing my sunnies...?

    I've turned down the brightness on my computer and now find it easier to read using a "high contrast colour setting". I find the black screen with yellow text is more comfortable to read as well.

    It's my first time i've replied to a post, as i'm very new here.... I see the eye doctor late this month to see if i have sjogren's syndrome but my fingers are crossed he will find a different diagnoses, as sjogren's is an awful problem to cope with.

    I have been told that moisture chamber glasses/goggles are excellent to help keep the eyes from drying out so much, so i may find them in dark prescription lens or try the fit-overs that you mentioned.

    Thanks for your help and i hope you can now enjoy the outdoors again..


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      I bought a pair of the Noir sunglasses, 2% amber as well. I can drive again! I can't believe how well the glasses protect from the evil sunlight. The glasses are not like the ones for dry-eye with any foam liner but the fit is pretty good for covering the eye well. They have a few different styles and sizes. So, depending on the severity of your dry-eye syndrome, the glasses will help with any short drive or outdoor excursion. If the dry-eye is severe, as mine is, then just take along some drops if you need them before the drive back. Sometimes i put the Noir glasses on when I get home from work just to give my eyes a rest in the dark. I work at a computer all day so my eyes usually hurt after a few hours.

      Mike, I have wiley-x and 7-eye sunglasses for dry-eye. They are not as dark as the Noirs but if I am outdoors for a longer period of time and the sun isn't blazing, I find the wiley-x or 7-eye glasses better for protecting from the air and i have to wear a hat to block the sun.

      -Maureen, in sunny, dry Calgary.