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  • Lenses for Wiley X Glasses

    I'm trying to get a good pair of sealed glasses that I can use while I'm at the computer.

    I went to Harley-Davidson the other day and tried on a pair of HD Gravityframes that fit very well. I'm sure they would work if I ordered them through Harley-Davidson... but it would cost about $500 plus tax to have prescription lenses with anti-fog and anti-reflection put in them. I'm thinking there's got to be a cheaper solution out there somewhere.

    Here are my two ideas:

    1. Buy the frames from Harley Davidson, and find someone who can put lenses in them with all the options that I want (including yellow tinting for computer use).
    2. Go to a website like and order WX Gravity frames with prescription lenses. From looking at the frames online, they look pretty similar to the ones that I tried on at the Harley-Davidson store. BUT, I don't know if they will fit exactly the same as the HD Gravity frames. Maybe they're exactly the same and the only difference is the name. Or maybe they aren't - I don't know.

    Has anyone had experience with this before? Did you buy frames with prescription lenses from Harley-Davidson, or did you find a cheaper route?
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