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I think my IPL is helping.

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    I think that the protocol is the same at most clinics re settings. I know that the machine being used on me is specifically for eyes and not general skin care. Also for what it is worth, my upper glands are expressing well, it is the lowers that are still stubborn. It does get easier each time though. I go again #4 tomorrow. My eyes have held up amazingly well through all the smoke in the province and this week are just the last few ways starting to backslide so I am looking forward to my treatment tomorrow. Then the following week I have another tear film assessment and lipiview.


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      Originally posted by edmunder View Post

      Really happy to hear things are improving for you.

      Are you doing IPL in the usa at a Toyos style place? I know in Europe there are some different types of IPL and Asia like in HK has something different.
      I live in Vancouver, Canada so I'm having it done at a clinic in North Van.