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Fortifeye Vitamins, Diet, need your advice!

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  • Fortifeye Vitamins, Diet, need your advice!

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you all had a good Easter. I stumbled across the Fortifeye website today and was intrigued. I am currently using PRN and Theralife as well as a gluten free diet. I haven't been on the diet long but have been using the PRN and THeralife for months and its just not doing enough for the money I am spending. I spoke to someone at Fortifeye who actually has an autoimmune issue and now works for the company. I ordered two months of the product which costs me less than one month of theralife. I am not going to say the theralife hasn't made any difference, it has a little but just not enough. I am praying the Fortifeye works better for my dry inflamed eyes. Has anyone had any good experiences with supplements they would like to share with me. I am kind of down today and need some hope.

    Thanks to everyone who replys.

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    i think after many months my vitamin are helping a little bit. and every bit counts .
    I use fish oil 2000mg per day (epa 350 and dha 250 per tablet)
    Sustain release vit c 1000mg/day .
    Vit e 1000 iu per day
    vit d3 1000 iu per day .
    I prefer individual tablets as i get maximum dose and don't like flaxseed oil .

    Keep up with the diet !! I follow a rosecea trigger free diet and after 3 months have less inflammation.