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Supplements Question (Fishoil/Flaxseed)

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  • Supplements Question (Fishoil/Flaxseed)

    Hello everyone,

    I suffer from MGD and Evaporative dry eye.
    I'd been taking Hydroeyes for the past 4 months with absolutely no results so far. So I wanted to know if perhaps adding extra pills of Omega 3 Fish oil and Black Currant Seed Oil to my Hydroeye would actually create a difference and I would be able to feel better or is it too much of a dosage and would be counterproductive? Please help.

    This is what I'm looking to buy.

    Or really any type of suggestion of what can I take 'extra' to the Hydroeyes pills to get better, I'd really appreciate.
    Thanks alot!

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    At some point you reach diminishing returns. That, and depending on what kind of fish oil or other omega 3 dose you are considering, you could bruise quite easily (very annoying) or even suffer nosebleeds. I noticed I ended up with some mild acne with high doses of fish oil (something I hadn't experienced since college).

    You might consider altering the mix with some sea buckthorn, which has omega 7. I'm not sure the ingredients in hydro-eye but it may already have it. These supplements can get very expensive, though, especially if you are purchasing all the other dry eye management tools such as drops, goggles, prescriptions, and the payments to the doctor office, and I have found the results to be pretty negligible.

    I can say with certainty that I've wasted a ton of money on supplements over the years. If only I knew then.... : )