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Omega 7 & sea buckthorn capsules

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  • irish eyes

    I haven't posted on here for a long time. I tried sea buckthorn capsules after having a chat with a local health food shop. Thee was a promotional leaflet for sea buckthorn - I think it was written by an actress called Linda Lusardi. Her vocabulary was rather gushing so I thought they might be worth trying for a while. I don't think they did me any harm but my eyes were no better. The capsules were expensive so after a few months, I didn't buy them again. But - they might work for others. It will depend on the root cause of your dry eyes. Mine is MGD, anterior blepharitis etc like many on this forum.

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  • HEBS
    started a topic Omega 7 & sea buckthorn capsules

    Omega 7 & sea buckthorn capsules


    Im new to the forum and have had dry eyes since September 2014. My eyes are very dry at the moment and my job involves a lot of typing which Im really struggling with. I often browse this site for ideas to help me with my eyes. I use my eyemask twice a day and have plugs in both eyes (lower I think) and use Hyloforte every hour, but my eyes sting a lot during the day when Im at work and are not so bad at weekends when Im not working.

    Ive tried everything to no avail and Im wondering has anyone used Omega 7 & seabuck thorn tablets?