I've been using Systane drops a lot lately. Recently I've noticed very blurry vision after the drops that lasts 10-15 minutes, only in my right eye, the left eye is back to normal in a minute or two. What could this mean, if anything? It's almost like my eye is sucking up the drop and swelling up causing me to be nearsighted...

A related thing is that I went to an ophthalmologist recently and they dilated my eyes. My left eye was back to normal in about four hours, but my right eye took about 24 until it was fully un-dilated. I called them to ask if it meant anything, but they sort of blew it off.

My right eye is my bad eye in all respects. It has a worse prescription, is drier, tends to get styes, etc etc. I went to this doc specifically to have him try to integrate all this type of information (including things like the fact that I have chronic sinus issues in addition to dry eye and a nasty astigmatism that kicked in when I was 30)... needless to say, he just blew off my concerns, same as everyone else. It gets annoying after a while. I know there's a story behind all this if someone would take the time.

On top of providing no reason for hope, he told me I have cataracts and I'm only 39.