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  • Similasan Eye Drops

    I've been taking Similasan eye drops for a few days now, I find they really seem to sooth the eyes when I first put them in and they don't aggitate my lids like many of the other drops do. Not sure if there really helping out with the dry eye though, the eyes still seem to sting quite a bit although mainly when I'm on the computer - when away from the computer they feel better. I've also been on Restasis for 2 weeks now and have also started supplementing with NAC.

    I need to stay away from computers, then I will be much a happier. Need to find a job that almost completely eliminates all computer usage. Computers suck for me right now.

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    Tough to not be sitting in front of a computer these days - I have been doing Computer work for 35 years....Maybe before most on here were born.

    Anyway - good tips are available to reduce glare and position the monitor...


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      I bought some Similasan today and really like it. My problem is reflex tearing which it states on the package it is for. And so far it seems to really help.