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So is Dwelle therapeutic to MGD

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  • Rebecca Petris
    I don't think Dwelle has ever been thought to do anything to the MGs. What it does is properly "wet" the corneal surface and it's through its action on the cornea itself that any claims of promoting healing were based. I think that some users (most notably Rojzen) have reported improved TBUT, but unless I'm remembering wrong I don't think there were any observations about any change to the MGs themselves.

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  • catlover
    started a topic So is Dwelle therapeutic to MGD

    So is Dwelle therapeutic to MGD

    After reading a bunch of threads, I've found a couple that say Dwelle has helped with blocked MGs. Is this suppose to be one of the benefits of Dwelle. If it is, I'm getting it. Mine have been blocked for 8 months and I have done everything right to get them back to normal. Not normal yet.