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Eye spray (Tears Again)

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  • Eye spray (Tears Again)

    I'd like to know if any of you is using them.

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    best thing I can think of: nice wrapping

    Hi Ariel, I tried Tears Again last winter for a couple of weeks. It`s a German product and promoted quite a lot over here. You also find some very promising, seemingly unbiased "studies" on the internet. However, I didn`t notice the faintest hint of any positive effect on my eyes. It is quite an expensive product. The best thing I can say about it is that it comes in a nice box featuring an eye opening and closing when you move it.


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      I tried it a few years back and although it felt very good when I sprayed the mist in my eyes, I didn't notice any long lasting effects.


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        Eye Spray

        I've used something called "Nature's Tears" EyeMist by Bio-Logic. I find it refreshing but with no lasting effects. I like to use it when I play tennis as it's a quick refresher when my eyes start burning and don't want to stay open. I use it sparingly as otherwise you could go through a container a day!