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Misc. pointers for using Dwelle & Dakrina

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  • Misc. pointers for using Dwelle & Dakrina

    This is long overdue, I'm afraid. When we first launched the drops, I was so paranoid about legalities that I was reluctant to give any suggestions or opinions about the drops at all in case it would be construed as medical advice. I've relaxed a little since then. If anybody else has tips or pointers about these drops they want to add feel free!

    What's special about Dwelle & Dakrina? A key feature of both products is high oncotic pressure, which is believed to improve the wettability of the ocular surface. (Refer to Dr. Holly's research and publications for details about that....) That is why many people find that they experience a gradual improvement in symptoms after using them for a week or longer.

    What's the difference between Dwelle & Dakrina? Dakrina contains Vitamin A. Otherwise they are just about the same. Dakrina has a slightly different "feel" to it and very slightly different viscosity.

    What's a fair trial? Just my personal opinion, but I think 3 weeks is a good trial for this and other treatments. It's kind of counterintuitive with artificial tears however, because most people expect them to be only palliative in a minimal way and so if they don't have an immediate feel-good factor, they assume they aren't going to help them any more than other tears. It's been my observation with these tears though, and I think this is borne out by some of the patient experiences on this board, that while some people will notice an immediate "wow" factor, others improve gradually over time, and some find that although the drops did not "feel good" at all the first few days, they actually do start noticing improvement after using them for 1-3 weeks.

    Dakrina stings my eyes. Is this normal or should I worry? A small percentage of patients experience stinging on application, depending on the condition of their epithelium and other factors. Most seem to report that this subsides after using it for a few days. Personally I get some brief stinging on application every now and then, mostly first thing in the morning. It is normal. If you experience prolonged irritation however you should discontinue use.

    I'm getting a whitish residue on my lashes. Should I worry? Because of the high polymer content, Dwelle and - to a lesser extent I think - Dakrina may crystallize on your lashes. The more you apply, the more crystallization. (This is why you'll see some people reporting their lashes stuck together.) This should wipe off easily with a damp cloth in the morning. I think of this effect as a tradeoff for improved protection. No free lunch. Tips for minimizing residue:
    - Apply only one drop. Your eye can only use about 3/4 drop anyway - the rest just drains out.
    - Tip your head back and aim carefully to avoid getting it on your lashes.
    - Blot to remove any excess from lashes after application.

    DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice! Consult your eye doctor!
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation

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    Thanks for this thread. I just got my first samples of Dwelle, Dakrina, & Nutratear. I'm wondering about Hypotonicity.

    Most eyedrops will say on the label that they're in an isotonic solution or advertise that they're hypotonic. The Dr. Holly drops don't say.

    Now I'm even more confused because I think you said that Dwelle and Dakrina have "High Oncotic Pressure." Isn't that the opposite of Hypotonic? Doesn't "hypo-" mean low. (e.g. Hypertension is high blood pressure and hypotension is low blood pressure).



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      Drops in UK?

      Rebecca or anyone else. I am having trouble understanding the conversation about whether these drops are available in the UK. Sounds like they are not yet available? Do you know if this will be changing soon or is there some other way of getting them. Not talking anything illegal or underhand - just thinking there may be alternative ways to access these drops? Thanks for your help.


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        They are not and it is doubtful whether they will become available in the UK. Unfortunately at this point it is something I have no control over personally.

        What many people are doing is to order them over the internet for delivery to an acquaintance, or to a mail forwarder, in the US who forward them on.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation


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          so there is no possibility for us Europeans to order these drops from the DEZ shop?

          Well, of course we can order them through the international pharmacy but they are so expensive that way...


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            As Rebecca suggested the easiest option for us on this side of the pond is to get the goods delivered to a friend in the US who can forward them over to you.

            I suggest that a Dry Eye Buddy may do this for you if you offer to cover their costs. Paypal is an easy way of sending money internationally, remember to add a little extra to cover the fees so that your Dry Eye Buddy has no out of pocket expenses.




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              I would love to try Dakrina as I get no relief from any other drops. Is anyone in the US prepared to be my Dry Eye Buddy and buy these for me and send them over to the UK, and of course I'll sort out payment by Paypal.




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                I'm going to give Dwelle a try, especially after reading some of the concerns about using ointments at night.

                The only concern I have is about the preservatives used. My doctor seems particularly keen on avoiding any preservatives. She said they build up over time and then become part of the problem. I have not yet seen anthing about Dwelle and preservatives. Any comments would be appreciated!