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Advisory: TheraTears Dispenser change

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    Hi LaDiva,

    Thank you, I will write and complain too. Ive found some drops called Vismed which have been working quite well so I may switch to them. I do love TheraTears though!

    27, pinguecula, dry eye, Wirral, UK


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      Welcome Cath! Not sure we get Vismed here, or I'd head down that aisle. Have a great day!


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        Latest update

        Cathy, La Diva and everyone,

        Though this hardly qualifies as a conclusion or resolution, I would be remiss if I did not report the final comments which I received from AVR. They wrote:

        This investigation has found that all procedures in the manufacture of lot #AV13F1 were adhered to and conforms to all release specification. Customer sample was not returned for evaluation. Retain samples were evaluated and found to meet specification.

        A thorough investigation for determination of root cause has been completed at the site, with no attributable manufacturing, testing or product storage/handling root cause factors identified for this event.

        Once again, the true defects were:
        1. Picture on package shows the recappable vial while the contained product was a new, non-recappable style, shipped without any notification to users
        2. Package indicates 2.4 ml contents. Actual contents less than 2.0 ml

        I'm saddened by this behavior. But we are strong and are our own best advocates. Best wishes to all and thank you for your interest.