Consider this to be a post just for the record (as an ongoing record of my eyedrop experiences)

Pitfalls to avoid for those with my type of sensitive eyes:
(i.e. years of over exposure to UV of horrendous Samsung LCD. By now I have both spheroidal degeneration, eyelid-burn. and Probable MGD. NOT blepharitis or rosacea, which have become runaway misdiagnoses IMO, as I detailed many times previously on DEZ.

(1) Walgreens' WEIL brand supposedly mimicking Refresh Plus is a fallacy. It caused my lid heavyness and spasms, unlike Refresh Plus.

(2) Refresh Optive ( touted for "sensitives" is a fallacy - not the whole truth. My eyes are very sensitive from spheroidal degeneration, and it caused my lids heavyness and my eyes to burn, unlike Refresh Plus.

As for other drops:

What were OK for me were:
Systane Ultra preservative free, and also Genteal Severe Gel (purple+red tube), and also Refresh Plus.
I suspect that FreshKote would prove to be the best, if only not so expensive.

What were negative for me were:
Hycosan, Theratears, Soothe, etc. etc.
These all would cause heavyness and/or irritation or spasms, followed by dry feeling
for more of my past testimonies vis-a-vis various eyedrops, see: