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Plugs making MGD worse?

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  • Plugs making MGD worse?

    I got silicone, permanent plugs 4 days ago (lowers) and now I have a headache plus intense, stabbing pain behind my eyes. Perhaps the lack of moisture in the sinus is causing this?
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    Give it a few more days to adjust cause the soreness/aching could be from the insertion, but seriously if it is not helping then you don't need them and I would probably take them out.after a week or so. The last thing you need is to get worse. As far as I know usually what happens if they are not necessary is you get tear overflow which if it persists can lead to irritation of the area around the eye on the eyelids mostly the inside corners .It can also lead to increased risk of infection and inflammation.


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      I would doubt the plugs are the issue. With only two plugs in you are still getting tear drainage. Many of us have had all four tear ducts plugged for years without problems. You can test if sinus moisture is the problem by seeing if a high humidity environment helps like taking a shower. A few other things come to mind though. Did you doctor put in any eye drops in for numbing, etc? Could possibly be an allergy to something. Also conditions like Sjögren’s can cause inflammation of the lacrimal gland which is located just above the eye. Or it could be something like a phantom pain. I remember for months after PRK surgery I would get weird pains behind my eyes every now and then.