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Alrex and BAK

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  • Alrex and BAK

    Hello everyone,

    My ophthalmologist recently told me to use steroids to control the infflamation, and I do feel a lot of inflammation ever since I had my docs cauterized, it's been pretty awful. He told me to use a mild steroid named Alrex.
    I just bought it recently but happen to realize that it contains BAK, I know how this site feels about it. So I will definately stay away from it.

    My questions is that is there any alternative 'mild' steroid that is safer (no BAK in it)? I would really appreciate any help I could get. Thanks.


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    i do not believe there is currently at least i haven't heard of it. i think the only option is getting preservative free steroids compounded.


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      There is a preservative free lotemax ointment. It's my understanding that lotemax is pretty mild. I think there might be a preservative free FML ointment too?


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        It just boggles my mind that after knowing the awful effects of BAK they are still using it in products.

        Thanks for the help guys. I'll ask my doctor about your recommendations.


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          In some countries (UK for example) B&L has Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate in individual vials without BAK, or any preservatives. Check out:


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            i'm pretty sure the only version of lotemax without a preservative is an ointment not an eye drop.