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Addipak (.9% saline) in place of artificial tears?

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  • Addipak (.9% saline) in place of artificial tears?

    I know farmgirl uses saline because she's rejected most otc drops. I believe I'm in the same I'm curious if there's a danger or downside to using strictly addipaks instead of otc tears? I bought them to use after my compress and I'm realizing my eyes feel comfortable. No weirdness like with systane ultra or theratears (the only brands I can stand at all anymore)?

    So just curious who else out there does this. I read Rebecca say in her blog, can't remember where, saline is great for those burning days...but don't replace your drops with saline. I really want to know why she warned against that.


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    Why not autologous?


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      Originally posted by deep_dry_eye View Post
      Why not autologous?
      I'm taking 50% 4x a day and 20% 8-12 times a day. But I still need more clean my eyes after compress, in the middle of the night...because I would waste serum as it would tear out of my eye when I laid back down.


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        Dowork123, I do it myself, but I do also believe there's a downside. Saline has no lubricating properties. I mean, it's wet, but has no staying power. I think that overusing saline is counterproductive (washes any good stuff out of the eyes, same way reflex tears do - leaving you feel drier). But then we all have different needs and for some at times it's worth the tradeoffs. My tolerance for drops is pretty low so I tend to prefer saline but then for me it's mostly about over top of the lenses, and I'm very much aware when I overdo it of how it affects me.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation