I have meibomian gland dysfunction. Very dry eyes. Can't wear Acuvue Oyasis brand contact lenses, the water content is too high, they literally evaporate & adhere on my eye. I recently was referred to a dry eye specialist. First visit, she put me on Doxycycline, & Lacrisert that I asked to try.

Two week follow-up, my eyes really didn't improve, so she placed Bandage Contact Lenses in my eyes. I was to return in one week. I had to remove them the same night. I had no idea that the Bandage Contact Lenses were just a larger size no correction Acuvue Oyasis! I have corneal erosion so that's why she wanted me to wear them one week to see if the cells grew back.

I had no idea I was going to get Bandage Contact Lenses. So, I didn't do my homework. I'm not wearing them right now. I called her office thinking I would go in to get new/different types. She was in another office 1 hour away & there was no one to drive me to her other office.

I was on the phone with the eye tech, put on hold while she was typing back & forth to my doctor. My doctor asked if I still had the lenses. She told me to soak them in Opti-Free Pure Moist for a minimum of one hour, which I already had them rinsed & in a new contact lens case last night & put them back in myself.

Having the Bandage Contact Lenses in my eyes made them worse!

I'll put them back in before bed since I can't keep my eyes open with them in because they dry up! I'm supposed to call the office tomorrow if I have anymore problems, which I do so I'll probably go to her office.

Is there a different type of Bandage Contact Lenses than Acuvue Oyasis? What I read says MGD with severe aqueous deficiency is a contraindication. What do I do? My husband says get a new doctor ASAP & don't bother going back.