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Infusion pump implants

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  • diydry
    I'd never heard of this. Thanks for sharing. This treatment appears to be fairly experimental (the article is 10 years old), to my knowledge this is not offered anywhere. The surgery also looks very invasive, I'm sure there are many risks. However certainly the idea of bodily implants of various kinds has been considered by researchers, such as one study in which electrodes were surgically placed on the lacrimal glands (of rabbits) to stimulate the efferent nerves to secrete tears (via remote)

    Have you tried the True Tear device? That seems like the closest thing to this surgery and a lot less invasive.

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  • opioidowy
    started a topic Infusion pump implants

    Infusion pump implants


    did anyone have this surgery for dry eye? If you had it, what are your feelings about it?

    PDF Full-text | Internal infusion pumps are implantable and programmable systems that have been widely used for years in the management of chronic pain. During the past few years, these devices have had an increasingly prominent role given the possibility of insulin infusions in patients...