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Pterygium/ Pinguecula Removal???

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  • Pterygium/ Pinguecula Removal???

    Has anyone had one of these procedures? if so, I would love to hear everything about the process.



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    I have not had the procedure performed but have observed many. The key to this surgery is removing as much (all) of the inflamed tissue. If this is accomplished the need for reoperation is relatively low. Many surgeons also utilize amniotic membrane to enhance healing.


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      What is the cosmetic recovery time and how close to normal will the tissue heal?


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        The complete recovery time is probably in 3-4 week range. The sclera will be white and the conjunctiva will grow back completely and look normal. Some people complain that the operated eye looks better than the nonoperated eye and want the same procedure done to make it look better (not recommended).

        Now the not so good news, if the inflamed tissue is not completely excised there is fairly good chance the pterygium will return and it can happen rather quickly.

        The reason I mention the complete excision of the inflamed tissue is many surgeons try to keep the wound site small and do not do an aggressive removal of tissue.


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          Thanks indrep for all of the information.

          I am 14 days out from having pinguecula/pterygium removed in my right eye. Healing process is a bit longer than i thought. I feel fine but my right eye still looks pitiful (bloodshot, hemmorhage). It gets better each day and I am looking forward to a good rest of the week for healing.

          The procedure as a whole went well the surgeon used AMT and sutures for closure. I had 3 sutures, one disolved and 2 had to be removed yesterday.

          I was given durezol and xymar for drops post-op. durezol is supposed to be great new steroid that does not contain BAK. Xymar was the antibiotic.

          With any luck this will be my miracle healing week before starting back to work on the fifth.

          If you have any more info or advice, please pass it along.



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            I hope your recovery is fast & successful!
            I too would like to get this surgery done. I have pinguecullas in BOTH eyes that look awful.
            Could you please tell me where you had the surgery and how much it cost?
            The only advice I can think of now is to keep the eyes moist & protected from the Sun to prevent the return of the pings.
            Thanks & good luck.


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              Are there times after pterygium removal that the suture sites (after suture removal) still appear raised and irritated? I know the tissue has to heal. I am on day 18 post-op. That is really my only concern at this point. Everything seems to be improving daily. Still some reddness and tissue not real smoothed out yet.

              Thanks again,


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                excuse me I have a question too after reading your answer.....I did not know that the conjunctiva can grow back you think it's possible for someone who has chronic conjunctival inflammation that won't go away and that doesn't respond to steroids etc have some kind of surgery? ..This, after adressing the cause of it (MGD or whatever it is..)..thanks


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                  Well, It has been one month today since I had my pterygium/pinguecula removed. I may be being impatient but there is still considerable redness and inflammation in the host conjunctiva, surrounding the amniotic tissue. Does anyone know if this is normal? Will it subside?

                  I had this procedure to reduce irritation, pain, and redness. Now I have no irritation or pain but as much or more of the miserable inflammation. All advisors welcome. Thanks


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                    The pterygium removals I observed all used glue to adhere the amniotic membrane to the sclera(white part of eye). As the conjunctiva grew back over the wound site it was clear and the scleras appeared white.

                    Everyone's reason for surgery and surgical results are different. I cannot comment on the suture sites as I have not seen postops of that type of surgery.

                    I'm sure on your postop visits your surgeon or his/her staff can help you what to expect.


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                      Yes the conjunctiva does grow back over the sclera. Inflammation is systemic issue. I am not aware of conjunctiva being removed because of inflammation.

                      I am aware of conjunctiva being removed when it has folds in it. This is rare and the results are debatable.


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                        I also would like to get pinguecula surgery someday. I have 4 HORRIBLE pings, 2 in each eye. Sometimes when I look in the mirror it looks like the whites of my eyes are completely covered in yellow. They are so dry and inflamed and I have to wake up 2-3 times a night to put re-wetting drops in. I contacted Dr. Gulani in Jacksonville, FL and he quoted me $4600 per ping per eye PLUS $1500 for anesthesia. I have to save up big time. I am so miserable from this issue and it has also caused me so much depression. I feel as if that is the first thing people see when they look at me. I am 35 years old and have had these for 10 years now. They started out really tiny and grew and became more inflamed over the years. I cannot even wear contacts anymore. I am hoping I can get the surgery by time I am 38.


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                          Did you have lasik surgery? and after the surgery you got the pinguecula???
                          thats what i have but the doctor told me i had it before, but he is so wrong I am a girl i know what my eyes looked like before... I guess it is when your eyes becames dry the ugly litle thing grows.


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                            How are your eyes looking now after removel surgery?


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                              I have not had this surgery, but I had a similar one to remove a large amount of conjunctival chalasis (as a result of unresolved chemosis after a lateral tarsal strip to relieve excess tearing). I didnt receive any prednisone drops. Maybe this was my problem? But two months after the surgery I developed redness like never before which is not intermittent but constant. Now I just want an AMT so I can look "normal" again. Sad really.