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Surgery and dry eye

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  • Surgery and dry eye

    Hi Everyone:

    I am considering reconstructive surgery (optional) and wanted to hear from people who have undergone general anesthetic and how it affects their dry eyes. Thanks!
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    I hope its not lasik surgery
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      I had general anasthetic during knee surgery a couple of years ago. I do not remember any worsening of my dry eye symptoms.


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        It might be a good idea when you are admitted to speak to the anaesthetist ( In GB they always come to see you pre surgery and are basically responsible for your general wellfare - The surgeon is then free to perform the surgery without worrying about your BP and heart rate etc)
        Anyway tell him you suffer from DE and could he see that a nurse insert your drops at least once / and could he cover your eyes while you are anaesthetised with wet swabs -- I worked in the ITU for years and dealt with unconcious patients all the time - believe me ,they often have their eyes slightly open when unconcious and part of my job was to see that they were covered with wet swabs, and to insert hypomellose every 4 hours ( unfortunately it was stuff with BAK in it - I did'nt know then what i know now or i would have insisted on pf drops)
        My daughter ,also an ITU nurse tells me it is standard practice in her unit to insert lacrilube
        I have never seen patients eyes covered with wet swabs in theatre - I suppose it depends how long you are under anaesthetic - but it is certainaly not unreasonable to request this i would have thought