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  • Oculeve Update

    I follow the Oculeve news, and this article came out today.

    Actually I hope they aren't only focusing on a Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator now because I suspect that might not work for me (I know they talked about embedding a forehead device with probes directly in the lacrimal gland - which would hopefully bypass the bad nerves in my face- previously).

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    Ugh, I contacted one of the people involved with the studies that I had reached out to a few months ago. The one device he has heard of them working on is this one. Sounds like Allergen bought this one as well as the earlier research/design/device (implanted below eyebrow and then 2nd part in nasal cavity with remote control) but no signs they plan to revive it from what I can see online.

    From what I gather, the Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator is "non invasive" "with disposable tips". I assume this means you stick something up your nose and probably zap yourself? Doesn't sound very promising for my situation. I'm really disappointed. Apparently they first developed things that would run down your neck, but ophthalmologists poo-pooed it into oblivion. I'm not sure they all understand how truly desperate some of us are.