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I was not a good Lasik candidate

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  • I was not a good Lasik candidate

    Hi guys,

    I believe I had MGD for quite some years, I had never been able to wear contacts for more than a couple hours and I had experienced a bit of dry eye pain in a winter a couple of years back when I was working on computers a lot. I saw some optometrists around that time and started taking Omega 3's and doing warm compresses as per their recommendation. I still couldn't really wear contacts very well but as long as I was in my glasses I didn't experience any dry eye pain. Because of that I never really felt the need to look into the condition more and learn about other treatments.

    I decided to look into LASIK in September of 2018, I didn't know much about it and thought that if my eyes were too dry for contacts this might be a good alternative since I am very active and find glasses to be a nuisance. I had heard mention somewhere that you might not be a good candidate if you have dry eyes but I looked and the Lasik MD where I am in Montreal offered a free consultation so I figured I'd just go in for that and let them tell me if I was a good candidate.

    After doing a couple tests (I think just eye pressure and corneal thickness) they told me I had super thick corneas and would make a great candidate. This is where I brought up the fact that I had dry eyes and blepharitis. The guy doing the consultation (not even an optometrist) told me that dry eyes wouldn't affect the procedure at all and I would simply have extra dry eyes for a while afterwards. I figured as this was only temporary I could manage and it would be worth it. (I wish so bad now that I hadn't of taken his word for it and had of done some more research first myself)

    Anyways I had the procedure done and went back to work a few days later (I'm a computer programmer). Outside of work my eyes seemed fine but while working they were extremely dry and blurry and it was a real struggle to work those first few weeks but I just toughed it out. I was taking all the drops that LASIK had given me (all with preservatives) and I was taking Systane Ultra (also with preservatives) probably every 15 minutes while at work as it gave me no relief.

    After about two months of this misery I finished off the drops they had given me and went to buy some Systane Balance (with preservatives) this gave me immediate relief unlike the Systane Ultra and made work much better (I'd guessing because there is some lipid substance in this drops), I still didn't need drops outside of work and I carried on like this quite happily for a couple of months. I was using the Systane Balance like crazy at work still every 15 mins but it gave good relief and kept me pain free. Then one day the drops started burning my eyes (I'm guessing the preservatives) and no longer offered any relief. At this point I went back to LASIK and they prescribed some gel drops and a night ointment. This still didn't help and I haven't found relief again since (January)

    Since then I've tried:
    warm compresses
    every supplement under then sun
    lower punctal plugs
    Been on Xiidra for 6 weeks now
    Been on serum drops for 4 weeks now
    Been on the AIP diet for 4 weeks now
    castor oil in my eyes
    coconut oil in and around the eye
    manuka honey eye drops
    night time goggles
    moisture goggles at work
    I've had one IPL procedure so far and will be going back for a second in a couple weeks

    When I got the first IPL a couple weeks ago I finally got a TBUT and tear production test done. My TBUT was 1-2 seconds in each eye and I only produced 1mm of tears in each eye while anesthetized.

    My symptoms have changed a little bit over time though, a few months ago the pain was only while at work and on weekends or when I'm away from the computer I was fine.
    Now the pain is constant whether I'm looking at screens or not, my eyes don't really burn or feel blurry. What I feel is this pain on the tips of my right eyelids when I blink, this is how I start the day but then the pain just progresses to my whole eyelid hurting and by the end of the day it feels like someone is pressing their fist really hard into my eye. I notice my eyelids are super big and swollen, very red and veiny when I wake up as well as in the evenings

    Has anybody else heard of anything like this post lasik? Did I just **** my nerves up with all of those preservatives in the drops I was taking so frequently?
    I remain hopeful as I had a couple of good months post-lasik (November and December) and would really like to get back to something more comfortable like that.
    I expected my TBUT to be low because of the MGD but I really wasn't expecting to be severely aqueous deficient as well. Is that common after Lasik from the nerves being cut?

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    I didn't have Lasik but have been around the site a few months and there are people here who have had issues with it from what I've read. I just wished to say I'm sorry for what you have gone through. I also had a procedure done where I was not told what was involved. I feel for you. Also I have MGD and my eyes are the corners are puffy, given how swollen you say your eyes are, might be worth a try to do cold compresses. That's mostly what I've been doing since my procedure as the hot ones I think are making things a bit worse now (though hopefully I will be able to do warm compresses again soon). Some people also alternate hot and cold depending on what symptoms they have...when eyes are too aggravated they use cold otherwise hot to get oils flowing.


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      Hi How,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I forgot to mention it in my original post but recently (past few weeks) I have been following my hot compresses with a cold compress to try and maybe offset the extra inflammation that the heat is probably causing. I haven't noticed if it's really helping but I figured it can't hurt.


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        Hi How,

        Thanks for the reply and the empathy.
        I forgot to mention it in my first post but I have recently started doing cold compresses after the hot ones in an effort to reduce what additional inflammation the heat may have brought about.
        I've yet to notice any relief from this though


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          I would honestly check your consent form and see if you can sue them. No way should you have lasik without a severe warning if you already have dry eye. I developed it a year later when exposed to a drier environment and am still suffering and canít work two years on Itís such a greedy industry


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            Ps it isnít the preservatives that mess your nerves. Lasik damages them so you canít produce water anymore as the connection between the corneal surface and lacrimal gland is severed. And after if you expose yourself to computers all day and inflammation you can worsen mgd and risk corneal neuropathy where the nerves constantly fire pain signals even if the dry eye improves.


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              Gabe, sorry I missed your response. Regarding the cold compresses I am now finding myself in a similar situation I think they were helping me a bit but now they don't seem to do much. The swelling in my eyes has gotten worse too and I can't figure out why. I don't usually get pain but lately have a bit associated with blinking.

              We had different procedures so it may not be relevant to you but I'm going to try to track down the least dangerous anti-inflammatory I can find and give it a go, I'll let you know if it seems to work in case you want to ask if that's an option for you too.

              Hope things have improved since you last wrote.


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                Wow this more or less my story.

                Same career, same existing dry eyes, even the same statement about my suitability and thick corneas.

                My treatment was Nov 2017.

                Can I suggest joining the LASIK complications group on Facebook? Loads of help and support.


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                  that really sucks. The doctors should have told you about the increased risk that lasik has on mgd patients.

                  the surgery could have pushed your eyes over the edge.

                  That said try to treat what’s causing the mgd.

                  I think diet may play big part of it.

                  someone in the forum, suggested I start taking green tea with lemon. Another told me to try coconut oil.

                  I radically changed my diet to anti inflammatory foods. Seems to be helping.

                  I don’t eat any dairy or cheese.

                  just started 2 days ago.

                  keep in mind restasis xidra drop might take 4 to 6 months

                  to actually work.

                  I would goto a dry eye specialist you check the condition

                  of your m glands


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                    Thanks guys, I've joined the facebook groups.

                    I'm still not perfect but doing a lot better than I was back when I created this thread. Getting upper and lower punctal plugs helped a lot for the dryness. I had a lot of inflammation which Lotemax took care of and I've been on AST for 18 months now regrowing my nerves. Moisture glasses also help me a lot with computer work


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                      Originally posted by GabeR View Post
                      Thanks guys, I've joined the facebook groups.

                      I'm still not perfect but doing a lot better than I was back when I created this thread. Getting upper and lower punctal plugs helped a lot for the dryness. I had a lot of inflammation which Lotemax took care of and I've been on AST for 18 months now regrowing my nerves. Moisture glasses also help me a lot with computer work
                      How are you doing now?


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                        Originally posted by jsh922 View Post

                        How are you doing now?
                        Better still, in addition to what I mentioned in that post Nortriptyline and LDN helped a lot with the nerve pain. I was completely pain free for a while till I tried getting off of these medications