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The best Christmas Present

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  • The best Christmas Present

    Would have been if my eyes would be OK.

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    indeed. . .

    Yes, Jody. . .I think that may be another way of saying what I periodically post here: Let's keep our eyes on the prize. . .

    As a veteran of New Age thinking, and someone who still believes that spiritual strength has a healing power of its own, I have nonetheless moved on to "a place" (:^) where I get impatient when I'm told "but just think of all the GOOD things going on," when, in fact, my work is not NEARLY done finding better solutions to my eye pain and other symptoms. . .Eye relief is still my sine qua non, and why shouldn't it be, until I'm sure nothing more can be done??

    I believe that if we continue to protest the fact that solutions are not closer at hand than they have been, we'll collectively do better at getting ocular surface experts to come up with a whole menu of REAL options, for the whole menu of disorders that afflict us. . .

    A propos, I should not give short shrift to experts in other fields who can help. The greatest understanding, and most aggressive efforts, I've received to date have been from a University pain clinic, where neurologists and anesthesiologists embraced the idea that eye pain is real, and as worthy of treatment as are all the other kinds of pain that patients use a pain clinic for. . .which reminds me to ask whether you may be thinking of exploring some of those pain meds I mentioned yesterday. . .Moreover, do you have a pain clinic near you? The clinic that accepted me as a patient was at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. . .It required me to petition for acceptance, but the petition worked, and I got excellent care. . .Whaddya think?
    <Doggedly Determined>