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3 weeks out from Lasik

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  • 3 weeks out from Lasik

    I had lasik surgery on 12/28/07. My eyes were extremely blurry - double vision, starbursts, irritated and inflammed until 2 days ago. Thank God I have the intelligence to look for answers and find this site instead of just listening to the surgeon. I started on the refresh tears his office gave me. From there, I added Bion tears, Thera tears. - I was using every 30 minutes throughout the day. No relief. I added restasis - but it irritated as well. So I started searching. I found this site and bought the Dakrina, B12 tears, and the tranquil moisture goggles. Helped. I added 4 tablespoons daily of Barleens flaxseed oil. Helped. I quit all tears and only used Similaisin homeopathic drops. It's a miracle for me. Everything has resolved except some slight blurriness. I am praying it continues. There are also some other homeopathic eye drops that I want to try.