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Not sure what to try next & who to see :(

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    I underwent MG probing 18 months ago and it changed my life. Now, after 18 months, my eyes are still feeling normal, very comfortable. I know I'll have to do it again eventually. I had it done in Massachusetts by Dr. Pedram Hamrah. I live in Connecticut so it wasn't too hard to get there.


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      Ugh once again no notice there were responses. I don't get it.

      Anyway, now I am super late to this thread.

      Eye allergy kids, it seems like I did some of those things mentioned in the thread, including the sesame seed oil pulling I tried years ago.

      Hey Jude, maybe no Jupiters for you but the more popular prose or eye print pro or something? I wish I could afford the latter.

      Dominorose I didn't try the hormone drops because the FDA made it too hard for Leiters apparently with the additional rules and money involved that Leiters chose to not carry them anymore and other pharmacies carry even less. Too bad because I am low on testosterone and the cream can cause side effects.

      Hi Mahniah, I considered traveling for probing before, but now I don't because I was told that corneal neuralgia is the main reason for my pain. If this is true, then I guess probing won't help me albeit the dry eye issues I have too; mgd, atd, rce etc...


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        Just wanted to send you a hug. Dry eye is soo hard.


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          Hey :/ Sorry that I can't really help you but I just wanted to tell that I hope you'll get better, cause I know the feeling. Fingers crossed.


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            Betsy, sorry for not replying sooner, but I've been off dryeyezone. I've actually been interested in the idea that living on milk could help many diseases, like cancers, AIDS, and so on. So I've been seeing if I could get that tested. But I realized that the only thing I've actually seen it help is my own dry eye, so that's the only thing I can say for sure it helps. And of course I don't know if it helps other people since so far nobody else I know has tried it.

            It took almost no time before living on milk, generally skim milk, helped my dry eye. For me at least, it is a remarkably effective cure. One thing, though, is that I wasn't advocating you drink two gallons a day. That in general has been the right amount for me as a male standing six feet, one inch and weighing about 165-170 pounds. I'm guessing that for you it would be less as you're probably smaller than me. I will say that I vary it up, sometimes instead of nonfat milk I'll get a pint of half-and-half (half milk, half cream) and drink that. That would be a smaller amount of fluid, but more calories per the amount of fluid than nonfat milk because of the cream. In that case I would probably drink less than two gallons of fluid milk products that day, because I would have gotten a lot of calories from the half-and-half. But still, it is living close to 100% on fluid milk products.

            One thing is that for about six years I was living on milk and it enormously helped my dry eye. But two years ago I was finding that I experienced some tiredness in life in general. Finding it hard to get out of bed. What I added was getting involved with religion. So for over a year I've been going to daily Catholic Mass here where I live. I find that living on milk (occasionally I do have some solid food, but it is 90-100% milk) plus going to Mass is keeping my eyes feeling good and the rest of me reasonably healthy. So do with that what you will. I don't know that it's specifically Christianity that helps (although Jesus is called the Great Physician), but maybe being involved with any religion, or major religion, would. It's just that I need something daily, and Mass is daily.

            If you try living on milk, or 90% on milk, and find it helps, let me know. Then if I mention it other places than on this thread, I can mention that it helped two people, rather than just me.

            By the way, I was looking at this article on the NIH (National Institutes of Health) website. It's from the National Eye Institute. If you scroll down, they say "Cyclosporine, an anti-inflammatory medication, is the only prescription drug available to treat dry eye. It decreases corneal damage, increases basic tear production, and reduces symptoms of dry eye. It may take three to six months of twice-a-day dosages for the medication to work. In some cases of severe dry eye, short term use of corticosteroid eye drops that decrease inflammation is required." Have you tried cyclosporine for three to six months? Anyway here is the link where I got the quote: I suppose if you've already tried cyclosporine as mentioned here, then if it interests you you could try milk. Or if the milk appeals you could try it even if you haven't done the cyclosporine. The milk diet has not been verified to be a safe diet by medical authorities, so if you decide to try it, be aware of that. It's very hard for me to think it could hurt anyone, though. If you try it and don't like it, you could easily return to whatever diet you do like. For me it has been enormously beneficial, and I would think my body works about like everyone else's.
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              You had posted some interest a few months ago for Amniotic fluid drops. Have you pursued that or contacted that company?


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                THank U Klee, a hug right back at you

                Greg, I am not sure my stomach likes milk so I've been drinking non gmo almond milk, i am desperate enough to try, being on the computer is destroying my eyes but everything is on the computer these days even outside of work all day in front of the computer. At this point I have to ask for a leave of absence if I can get it. Cyclpsporine 2% is on the work insurance formulary but none of their contracted compounding pharmacies offer it and they refuse to pay a non participating pharmacy. I am still fighting them on that one and other grievances/appeals. Have you tried it yourself? It's 40X stronger than Restasis.

                Ctrain, I did try amniotic fluid. Unfortunately, for me it did not work.


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                  I'm not sure about almond milk, Betsy. I don't know if it has the same benefits. For me it's just cow milk. Maybe 92% of my diet is cow milk for eight years now. What percentage of your diet is almond milk?

                  Yes, I've tried cyclosporine. I don't remember when, a long time ago. I wasn't impressed. Occasionally now I do use Systane. What seems to happen is that the milk + religion way of life will work for me for a few months, but then my eyes will get strained and I'll have to take a few days' rest and put in Systane with some frequency. Then I recover and I'm back to a normal life, that is, normal in regards to my eyes because I am following the milk + religion way of life. For six years just living on milk was sufficient for my eyes to feel good so that I could be fairly active (although I still had to take a rest every few months.) But then I started getting this general tiredness in my body I couldn't shake, so I added participating in religion for the last couple of years. The combination of milk plus religion has me feeling okay, including my eyes (with the occasional rest period every few months.)

                  One thing I am trying is blinking more when I sit at the computer. Although I have been doing well, I'd still like to do away with those rest periods I have to take every few months. Possibly blinking more will help.
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