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Wouldn't contact lens companies benefit from dry eye being curable?

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  • Wouldn't contact lens companies benefit from dry eye being curable?

    I say this because:

    - Dry eye disease is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

    - While dry eye is mostly diagnosed in women over 50, there have been articles published stating that more and more young adults and children are being diagnosed with the condition.

    - Myopia (nearsightedness) is becoming much more common. As an example, over 80% of university aged people in Taiwan are nearsighted.

    - Since more of us are becoming nearsighted, that would mean more people are wearing contact lenses.

    - From what I've seen here and from my own experience, having dry eye disease makes wearing contacts impossible or near impossible for many of us, even with brands that are meant for dry eye.

    So if more people are developing dry eye and myopia, wouldn't that be a very good reason for contact lens companies to help us? Or would they have a reason not to?

    I've just been thinking a lot about who we could talk to regarding awareness and our desperate desire for more research to be done. After reading and signing that dry eye petition (this one: I've grown both frustrated and determined in getting people to listen to us.

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    my answer would be both yes and no due to others who dont wear contacts wouldnt be cured, so they would need something else in that aspect as for curing dry eye itself? i know 3 potenial things- lacritin, ml-7, and organ growing topic from japan, there is more listed on the link. i agree im annoyed because now i have to deal with this because i work on computers and now feel guilty even thought, i had no clue. im not sure if they would allow dry eye-mgd-bleph to be fully cured because... once its cured no more money after that and its most likely to be very expensive. most days prob like you feel too- im depressed, obessing over my eyes. althought ive been told now, my allergies are getting better, my lower eye lids produce clear oil which expresses quickly and no staining, and i have mild mgd but feels worse than it is. i could write a rant lol.... 19, feeling like 90 because of my eyes. they were never red til now. it seems like no one cares enough to fund a cure quickly for people who have been suffering for years... i just hope that ml-7 can cure mgd fully then thats half the problem gone! im furious as to why there is only 1 other thing now approved... and only in usa. sigh, im just hoping that soon ill get my relief coming up for 2 years with this horrid disease. i tend to read the comments on the petition and feel like crying... why do people think its minor? only to know when you have it... its horrible/painful/takes away everything you were... sorry but, thats my answer/rant. =) i just hope they will be nice enough to end the pain for all des people.