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Hi, and any help sleeping?

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  • Hi, and any help sleeping?


    I've been diagnosed with corneal erosion after my GP referred me (actual conversation: "Do you know the Moorfield?" "Yes?" "Go there now. They'll see you today.") Initially it was one eye. but now it seems to be both, and despite the gel my eyes are still getting stuck shut and ripping at night, leaving pain through the day. Last night I got a whole two hours sleep, which is about normal. Currently I am on eyedrops every hour and gel overnight, with a view to another hospital visit in a month.

    I'm here hoping I can get some suggestions or advice, and just to talk with other people who know the problem. No one I know has had anything like this, so I'm feeling a bit isolated.

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    unfortunately, I don't know anyone who would suffer from this... the only thing I would suggest you, to try out and speak with other opticians who might have more insight and another advice for you.

    Sorry I can help more.


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      So sorry you are going through so much,must be terribly stressful. Please keep us posted. Xx


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        Bandage contact lens if you're getting them every day


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          Depending on what happens when I go back to the clinic, either bandage contact lenses or surgery may be options, but I'm rather hoping to avoid surgery. It also turned out there was a problem with a new tube of prescribed VitaPOS, which had been heat-damaged and so had no effect. After seeing the doctor, I got it replaced. For anyone curious, one tell was putting a line on the back of your hand: the good gel came out as a white tube and stayed that way. The damaged stuff came out slightly more liquid and broke down into a cloudy/clear jelly-like liquid almost immediately.

          The last couple of nights I've been using Vitapos with compresses and then getting up halfway through the night to add drops, renew the compresses, and wait half an hour before putting gel in again and going back to sleep. It seems to be working (fingers crossed) with eyes sticky, but no ripping.


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            Originally posted by nori2015 View Post
            Bandage contact lens if you're getting them every day
            You were right. The Gel completely failed after I wrote my last post, and I was down to half an hour's sleep a night: put gel in, fall asleep wake up 30 mins later with a tear, and then no further sleep. Two days ago I got the bandage lens in. So far it feels constantly like there is something in my eye, and that is such an improvement over feeling like my eye was being cut open that it is unbelievable. Two almost full night's sleep (aside from getting up to add drops once) and I am feeling a lot saner.


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              Excellent! Just keep those eyes well lubricated abs hopefully you can turn that into a full week of sleep soon enough


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                Just an update: I now have a brand new diagnosis of trauma damage, RCE in both eyes, and MDF complicating things. It does rather explain how my eyes could be sticking while tears were rolling freely down my face. The bandage lens I need can only be done to one eye at a time,. so I have two sets of drops, one for each eye. Although I am up a few times a night to put drops in, the lids are rarely beyond the point where I can unstick them with compresses and there's only been one serious erosion (which happened last night, so I am sitting here with a compress on).

                Unfortunately I still can't work, as voice control on PCs is not accurate enough to code in, my screen time is limited even with f.lux, and treatment is down for four months with surgery at the end if it fails.

                Things are still a lot better than they were, and I have some of my life back, so thank you very much for all the advice.