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Getting my Life Back

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  • Getting my Life Back

    Hello All,

    I have followed the board for some time now, but this is my first posting. A little over a year ago, after sudden onset, an Opthamologist diagnosised me with dry eye syndrome. Fast forward to May of this year and the diagnosis became dry eye desease with low shermer’s scores, MGD, only 2 second tear film and possible ocular rosacea. Then the deep socket eye pain began and almost daily ocular migraines; most painful & miserable.

    The Long and short of it is that I have fought my way back, through considerable trial & error to a nearly normal life. If something didn’t work, I was on to researching & trying the next thing.

    Confirmed by recent eye dr appts, I now have working oil glands, a normal 10 second tear film and no pain. While reluctant to post, this is what working for me after considerable trial and error. I’’m not saying it will work for anyone else & I have no financial gain in any way from mentioning what has worked for me. So here goes:

    * without fail ... Twice daily ... morning & night: dry heat application, followed by Avenova, facial cleanser whipes from Trader Joe’s, one drop each eye of Regener-eyes which has kept Coronas smooth without abrasions. Eye docs were amazed that when my eyes were at worst corneas were healthy & smooth.

    * one capsule daily: cbd hemp oil (medical marijuana) for inflammation control. After trying Doxy, Restasis & xiidra (the later of which made me ill from various side effects)), I knew there must be a way to treat inflammation naturally & without side effects. Thanks to products like Charlotte’s Web CBD & Green Mountain CBD, I no longer have eye or head pain as I no longer have inflammation. Hemp oil is legal in all 50 states since contains 27 parts cbd to only 1 part thc. Like product profiled on 60 minutes to halp children overcome chronic seizures.

    * Retaine moisturizing drops ... down to about twice daily from many times per day earlier on. Found Refresh (even the newer one with flax oil) made my eyes worse. Seem to be allergic to an ingredient in Refresh, but not Retaine.

    * IPL treatments ... 4 since June to open oil/ membobian glands. Also, CBD has helped to keep inflammation at bay which also helps to keep oil flowing.

    in Dec will have lipiflow as doc says since I no longer have much inflammation I am now candidate for procedure. Eye doc says often patients have lipiflow procedure while they have inflammation and that’s why doesn't’ always work.

    IPL & CBD have been biggest game changer for me.

    Please don’’t hesitate to post or message with questions. I too have greatly suffered from this treatable condition.

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