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Looking for some contacts in the UK (or Europe)

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  • Looking for some contacts in the UK (or Europe)

    Hi there.

    As a new dry eye suffer (LASIK, who already had MGD without knowing it), I'm looking to get ahead with my treatment and management. SImply not going to rely on the NHS.

    Looking for contacts to get the help I need, or would like to try.

    So here goes:

    Anyone know of a private Consultant who can provide a private prescription for Ikervis?

    Does anyone know if Meibomian Gland Probing is available in the UK?

    Is there a way to get serum eye drops in the UK without using the NHS?

    Anyone know if amniotic membrane(ProKera) is available in the UK, again private is fine.

    Ideally, the contacts would be UK based but would travel to Europe.

    Many many thanks for any help.

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    I have recently visited Professor David O'Brart in London (discovered through this forum):

    He can do probing if he feels it beneficial (not recommended in my case), and has prescribed me Ikervis. I was pleased with my consultation with him.

    From what I know and also what he told me, serum drops are not easily available in the UK. Others on this forum have travelled to the Vissum Institute in Alicante for this and I will be looking into that soon.


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      Thanks Ian.

      I'll check Mr O'Brart out.

      The thought of transporting and importing blood products into the UK is interesting.