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European Training Network for Integrated Training in DES Drug Development (IT-DEDł)

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  • European Training Network for Integrated Training in DES Drug Development (IT-DEDł)

    IT-DEDł is a project funded by the European Union's Research and Innovation programme H2020 - MSCA (grant agreement 765608). European Training Network for Integrated Training in Dry Eye Disease Drug Development (IT-DEDł), a rather difficult title that could be roughly translated to: different organisation (e.g. universaties) that are working together to do research, innovations and find solutions for DES.

    More and more people are suffering from dry eyes, partly because of our intensive screen usage. Scientists at the University of Antwerp are joining the search for new treatments for this condition under the aegis of a European consortium

    All news and events can be found here
    Publications will be visible here
    short video can be watched here
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    3 new publications have been released.
    'A novel serine protease inhibitor as potential treatment for dry eye syndrome and ocular inflammation' seemed very interesting. I quote:
    Animals treated with UAMC-00050 displayed a significant reduction in ocular surface damage after evaluation with sodium fluorescein, compared to untreated, vehicle treated and cyclosporine-treated animals.


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      So, has the UAMC-00050 actually proved to be something helpful?! I have read about a hell of a lot of tests of UAMC-00050 on different animals, and most of them had very different results. Some were more positive, and some other were less positive, let's say it like that. My brother actually wanted to take part in some of those tests, but he was afraid. He was not scared of the side effects. He was fearful of the fact that he could become drug-addicted once more. My dad and I had to send him to an The situation was that bad!