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Chronic Giant Papillary Conjuntivitis (For almost 2 years)...Please help!

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  • Chronic Giant Papillary Conjuntivitis (For almost 2 years)...Please help!

    Hi there. I've been dealing with chronic (16 months) GPC (basically an eye allergy from contacts+allergies). To cut to the chase, I've tried and have been diagnosed with almost everything in the book- GPC, blepharitis, dry eye, etc. After a plethora of steroid medicine, allergy shots, blood tests, and dry eye treatments such as punctal plugs and lipiflow, I decided to give my eyes a break. After about 3 months with no treatment, the dry eye had disappeared, but I still have a foreign body sensation in my eyelids.

    The ophthalmologist I am currently seeing suggested that I have chronic GPC, and that the GPC may have adapted to my eye's environment and thrived, which is why it's still there even though I haven't worn contacts in over a year. However, the immuno-suppresent medicine he prescribed me hasn't really helped my eyes.

    Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to relief this pain? It's very tiring and I just want my eyes to feel relief.

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    I have a somewhat similar issue and hope someone chimes in.

    I have follicles and/or papillae on my upper eyelids. One optometrist said that's part of the dry eye disease inflammation whereas an ophthalmologist concluded it is an allergy. I do not have any allergy symptoms besides that. Basically, I also feel like there are particles under my eyelid from time to time or soreness when I blink.
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