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    Hi everyone! For some reason, my last reply to this thread is not posting, and greened out. So I've taken a screenshot of it and I'll post it here so you can still read it!


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        Hi everyone! I just wanted to give another update as it's been a while. Well, I haven't used eye drops at all for over a month now! I'm working fulltime as a proofreader and my eyes are fine sitting in front of 2 computer screens doing close-up work. I do wear moisture chamber glasses most days (Ziena), which, if you haven't already looked into them, I HIGHLY recommend. I think these should be one of the first things to invest in before any medical procedures.

        I'm also on a keto diet (more for weight loss and general health more than for my eyes), and I do wonder if this is helping with inflammation now that I no longer consume sugar and processed/refined carbs.

        I no longer do warm compresses as I really don't feel the need; if anything I'll do a cold compress when me eyes feel tired and have that slight stingy feeling.

        In terms of IPL maintenence, my eye doctor doesn't expect to see me for another year as she's said my eyes are looking great now!

        Apart from at the end of the day (or if I've had less than 7 hours of sleep) when my eyes feel a bit tired and sore, I have experienced zero symptoms of dry eye for over 2 months now.
        Please guys, don't think you won't get better and get obsessed with reading this Forum from start to finish like I did. That got to such an obsessive pattern for me. I'm happier now than I've been in a long time.

        I would also like to say, I'm still taking 10mg Celexa/Citalopram (an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety pill) and this is having absolutely no impact on how my eyes feel whatsoever. Don't be afraid to reach out if you need it.

        I hope everyone is doing ok in these strange and uncertain times. I do understand that everyone's situation is uniequ, and I don't want to suggest that what has happened to me will definitely happen to you. But I'm also very mindful that the positive stories are few and far between on this forum. So I'm just trying to restore a bit of balance.

        If anyone has any questions, or just wants to reach out, please ask/send me a message



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          Originally posted by jack1988 View Post

          Hi Cat, would you mind sharing what Seabuck Thorn brand you use?
          I use Nature's Aid!