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Heat Compresses and GPC

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  • Jenny43
    Hello Jon44. I don't know what you mean by GPC but I have dry eye (MGD) and cannot use hot compresses at all. Every time my eyes feel so much worse for about four days afterwards. I tried Blephasteam because this doesn't involve direct contact with the eyelids. I had high hopes of Blephasteam - but once again my eyes dried up about half an hour later and I had another flare-up. It was difficult to persuade my ophthalmologist that warm compresses - standard treatment as you say - made things worse for me but he's accepted it now. I searched this forum and found a few other people who had the same problem. I wasn't using the compresses too hot, and the Blephasteam is a controlled temperature, so it seems that my eyes just can't take heat. The problem, of course, is that this standard treatment is now not available for me. If you haven't already, I think you need to see a good eye doctor and find out the cause of your dry eye (lachrymal glands, oil glands or both). There are other treatments available depending on the cause. Good luck.

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  • Jon44
    started a topic Heat Compresses and GPC

    Heat Compresses and GPC

    When I first started wearing contacts, I suffered from GPC and it only really seemed to go away with the advent of daily disposable lenses. Unfortunately, I've also develop dry-eye and when I tried to use heat compresses as part of the standard dry eye protocol, after around 8 minutes, I experienced symptoms that felt like the return of GPC.
    Could this mean that the compresses I was using were too hot? Would appreciate any feedback from anyone who may have experienced something similar and how they dealt with it.
    Thx, J