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Question about Lipiflow following treatment

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  • Question about Lipiflow following treatment

    I used to have frequent spontaneous tears throughout the day for years and in addition to a cluster of other symptoms, I looked into getting Lipiflow based on what I had researched online. It didn’t seem like the eye doctor I approached and who ultimately performed the procedure decided on their own whether Lipiflow is appropriate or not; they simply went ahead and performed it once I brought it up. Important to mention that I was not prescribed any antibiotics or steroids following the treatment.

    I had the Lipiflow procedure in my left eye near the end of 2018 and as soon as I received it, that eye has since become permanently changed for the worse. The procedure seemed to alter my eye, such that I experience extreme dryness while I’m asleep and difficulty opening that eye in the morning compared to my right eye. A recent opthamalogist appointment noted I have punctate keratitis on my left eye, which may explain what feels like friction when my eye is closed for a long time.

    I’ll also just mention I fixed the spontaneous tears on my own a year after the procedure doing an eye wash at home. The rest of the issues my eye was experiencing still continue.

    What I’m wondering is since I wasn’t given any medication following the procedure, has this resulted in what I’m now experiencing with my eye?