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RCE and/or nighttime Dry Eye?

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  • RCE and/or nighttime Dry Eye?

    I owe my discovery of RCE to Rebecca and Aidan. A big shout-out to them with thanks. (I know Rebecca has an upcoming Happy Hour on nighttime Dry Eye). For a long time, I thought i had DRY EYE Syndrome (or as DR Hagan on Med Help has called it Ocular Surface Disease). BUT I do not have dry eye symptoms during the day as many/most people complain about. I kept researching “dry eye only at night” and came up with nothing that helped. I was waking at 4 AM or 7 Am with the feeling that sand paper was rubbed across my eye. Then on a Dry Eye happy Hour a few months ago, Rebecca mentioned RCE and I realized that was certainly what I was suffering from. I still use an assortment of drops both Muro 128 and moisturizing /refreshing drops during the day AS A PRECAUTION, and at night before bed, I use Muro 128 ointment AND another like Artelac Nighttime Gel or Vita Pos (both European products, I believe). Since starting this routine, I have not had erosion episodes upon waking. TG ! The purpose of this post to is dive deeper into the action of a hypertonicity solution like Muro 128 (or the cheaper version by AKORN on Amazon) and moisture retention products like lubricant drops. The former is meant to draw out corneal edema (swelling) while the lubricant/refresher drops ADD moisture to the cornea. To a layperson, they would seem to work at cross purposes. By adding lubricants, am I perhaps worsening the corneal edema? Any insight much predicated.