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For females: Hormones and dry eye

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  • For females: Hormones and dry eye


    Does anyone else here (females) notice that dry eye becomes worse right before period?

    My eyes are absolutely horrible the last 5 days before my period starts.

    Or anyone having hormonal issues and dry eyes together?

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    I found an interesting study:

    High Levels of 17β-Estradiol Are Associated with Increased Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 and Metalloproteinase-9 Activity in Tears of Postmenopausal Women with Dry Eye

    And this:

    ObsEva Presents Clinical Data on Open-Label Pilot Study of Yselty® (linzagolix) for the Treatment of Severe Adenomyosis at ESHRE Virtual 37th Annual Meeting

    To suppress eatradiol levels, associated with endometriosis.

    Dry eyes affect more women then men. Here is a study that questions weather high levels of estrogen causes the dry eyes in menopause. Many would thing that low levels of female hormones would cause dry eye. And maybe the opposite is true?

    Maybe endometriosis and dry eye could occur together?


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      And two more studies regarding PTSD, hormones and dry eyes:

      Estradiol level of male rat is correlated with depression and anxiety after traumatic stress;aulast=Lan

      Researchers Find Veterans Suffer From Dry Eye As a Comorbid Pain Condition


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        I haven't noticed that in myself, but I'm pretty sure I have something called Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis, which is a condition where the body becomes allergic to the hormone progesterone. Progesterone levels go up in the week before our period starts, and that's when the skin problems pop up. Then, as progesterone levels fall later in our cycle, the dermatitis clears up. I wonder if there's something like this that affects just your eyes? Do you have any itchy skin before your period?


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          Interesting. I have never heard of what you described before. I do have more oily skin/breakouts on my face before my period though. But that is probably just the surge in hormones.


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            I've noticed that too due to hormone fluctuations
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              Yes, I’ve just got my red Days and I’ve noticed my eyes were drier than usual. I also have pollen allergy, so that might play a role as well.


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                I honestly think menstruation issues/hormonal imbalances can have impact on mental and physical health vice versa, but maybe the medical community think is it awkward to talk about, ant therfore this issues can be there but not researched enough about. Which is sad really.